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JR freight network

The following is the JR freight network in Tokyo metropolitan area. The destination of major freight trains are five freight terminals. Those are Tokyo freight terminal, Shin-tsurumi, Isogo, Sumidagawa and Soga.

You can understand the network easily by assumed that is composed by six line groups. Each group has freight dedicated lines and shared lines owned by JR East company.

JR East company dedicates major lines for passenger trains. So the network and freight trains are very few against passenger trains.

JR freight network composed by six line groups.

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Tokaido freight lines Tokaido freight line
Nanbu line, Nanbu branch line
Takashima freight line
Tsurumi line
Isogo line
Chuo & Musashino freight line Chuo line
Musashino freight line
Musashino freight line Musashino freight line
Keiyo line
Tohoku & Yamanote freight line Tohoku line
Yamanote freight line
Jyoban freight line Jyoban line
Sobu freight lines Shinkane line
Sobu line
Uchibo line
Narita line
Kashima line
Locomotives EF64,EF65,EF66